Voice Recordings

What we practice regularly becomes our default pattern of behaviour. It is therefore very beneficial to practice sophrology exercises between sessions, ideally on a daily basis.

You can see from the testimonials that many people found the mp3 voice recordings very helpful in this respect. These are now available for download from this site. It would be advisable to read this sophro information and advice first and do not listen to the recordings whilst driving or operating machinery.

Sophrology recordings inlcude:

Untitled design (1)A body scan – to bring attention into the body, moving your awareness

Untitled design (1)A favourite or beautiful place – to make you feel calm, relax and at ease

Untitled design (1)Body Activation – to bring energy back into your body

Untitled design (1)Colours of nature – to make you feel more positive

Untitled design (1)A standing relaxation – to help you feel grounded centred and present

Untitled design (1)A relaxation for restful sleep – to help you drift off in restorative sleep