The 6 week course

sophrology group practice
a gentle stretch to enhance body awareness

The best way to make sophrology a part of your life is to attend a course. It is a good way to meet others who might be feeling the same way as you do. It isn’t a talking therapy. So you won’t be asked to discuss the problems you are facing, we will be focussing on the positive, no matter how small and noticing how it feels in the body, in the present moment.

We will also be working with pleasant memories and positive future plans and noticing how bringing them to mind creates pleasant feelings and emotions in the body, in the present moment. This concentrated focus on the positive will help to undo the default position that so many of us have, which leads us to focus on what wrong rather than what’s good. It’s powerful stuff and accessible to all of us. No matter how long it has been dark, when we flip the switch the light comes on just as bright. Let there be light in your life!

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Location: Tonic Health, Westlode Street, Spalding

Duration: 6 weeks

Cost: £60

To register your interest in attending the next 6 week course contact me.  Discover some simple to use and easy to learn techniques that can transform how you feel about your life and help you to deal better with day to day challenges.

Buy recordings – 8 voice recordings which will help you practice at home as you progress through the course.

About the course

Over the 6 weeks you will learn new breathing exercises, how to let go of body tension, how to tune out of the constant chatter in your mind and focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Anyone can learn to practice Sophrology and Mindfulness in their daily life. The techniques are simple to learn and easy to use, putting it into practice regularly is the challenge, but I can help with that with the Edufii app.

Attending the course will help to motivate you to make the changes in order to:

  • feel less anxious
  • experience less stress
  • breathe more easily
  • quieten your mind
  • sleep better
  • release tension from your body
  • gain more positive outlook on your life
  • develop coping strategies for difficult situations
  • see things from a new persective
  • understand better what is happening in your brain

You will be able to use your new skills in everyday life for a more relaxed way of being. Click here to see the testimonials they speak from themselves. Course costs just £60.