Sophrology is a very effective way of moving beyond the chattering mind and creating a sense of relaxation and ease inside the body which brings balance, enhances wellbeing and allows the body and mind to heal.

Register now with Sophrology in Lincolnshire to receive your free recording which will relax your body and mind. Everyone can practice sophrology, you don’t need any particular skills or beliefs an open mind is all that is required.

Sophrology was created by a professor of neuro-psychiatry and is used widely in Europe to treat all kinds of stress related illnesses and for sports performance. Alongside his medical training Professor Caycedo was inspired by mindfulness, meditation, yoga, japanese zen, western relaxation techniques, and modern psychology. The method brings together a variety of techniques from these disciplines including breathing practices, body awareness, gentle movement, guided visualisation, concentration and relaxation exercises.







I run 6 week courses in Sophrology which will provide you with the basic techniques to use in your daily life to help you gain a sense of ease and balance inside which will change for the better how you perceive the things that happen to you.

Please contact me if you would be interested in joining the next course. Taking the first steps towards making a difference to the experience of your life – it’s in your hands.

sophrology group practice
a gentle stretch to enhance body awareness

I would really recommend Sophrology.  In 6 weeks, I can’t believe the change in myself, I feel so different, for the better.  Looking back, I was constantly anxious, frightened, restless on a daily basis, which was a constant strain on my body.  I really didn’t think it would be possible to change, but it is! The sessions remind your body what it is like to be in a calm, relaxed and controlled state and by doing the mp3, it helped me continue this at home”  SB